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Skin Energy Pore Refine Mat Fluid



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  • Product Description

      An ultra-light and delicately smooth fluid with mattifying and pore diameter reducing effect.

      Why We Love It

      • For skin that needs an instant matt effect and refined pores
      • Reduces oily shine
      • Nourishes and softens skin


      Apply the ultra-light and mattifying fluid to the face in the morning and evening after using the cleanser and lotion, distribute evenly and then briefly massage into the skin, if needed.

      Tip: Aqua Recharge Essence is the ideal partner to this fluid for added freshness and a moisture boost, especially after exposure to the sun. Apply this additional daily energy boost before the fluid and gently pat into the skin.

      Skinnova SC Technology
      Sunsil Evermat – a combination of oleanolic acid and African tree bark extract
      Agarikon extract
      Vitamin E
      Hyaluronic acid (long- and short-chain)
      Macadamia Nut Oil

  • Product Details
    • Variant: 50 ml
    • Brand: Juvena