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La Colline

Cellular Triple Metal Serum



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  • Product Description

      Introducing the strongest serum for men. Formulated with over 50% of active ingredients, this innovative and effective serum is a global solution for the man on-the-go. With its extraordinary concentration of active ingredients, the Triple Metal Serum offers ideal care for men’s skin, revitalizing the complexion in an instant.

      Why We Love It

      • Revitalizes complexion
      • Multi-action serum targets all skin's needs: moisturizes, tones, firms, and reduces eye bags and dark circles


      Apply two pumps doses morning and night to the clean, dry skin of face and eye contours, before the application of usual cares.

      As part of a complete skincare routine, and for optimal effectiveness, start with Cellular Cleansing and Exfoliating Gel, followed by Triple Metal Serum, then Cellular Total Eye Care, and ending with Cellular Revitalizing Care. Supplement from time to time with Cellular Energy Flash Mask.

      The CMAge® Men Technology complex dynamizes cellular regeneration and helps prevent cutaneous aging. Its chrono-energizing complex is a blend of three powerful minerals, Zinc, Copper and Magnesium that boosts the regeneration and hydration processes while stimulating cellular metabolism to restore the skin’s radiance and vitality.

      - An extract of Artemisia, an organically-grown Swiss plant, takes action against oxidative stress. Shielded from external stress factors, the skin is better able to withstand the effects of time.
      - HydrExpert: derived from Tamarind seed, this ultra-concentrated1 active ingredient delivers maximum hydration to the skin.
      - A patented combination of peptides stimulates collagen synthesis and takes direct action on wrinkles and fine lines.
      - The Revital’Eye complex targets undereye bags and dark circles for more youthful, energetic-looking eyes.

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